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Style is unapologetic, experimental while contemporary

Price is from €500 to €1000

Originally from Greece these twin sister designers had both previously graduated in the Bio-molecular and Genetic science field however, started LAVIATE after pursuing their more creative side by studying at Central Saint Martins. After experimenting with different types of heavy embroidery within design teams at labels such as Gucci and Chanel they set up their own. LAVIATE want the women of today to seek the comfort of being authentic and individual when wearing their bespoke designs, in all of their interesting fabrics, hand-drawn digital prints, unordinary silhouettes, and artful patterns while flirting with new technologies

LAVIATE is a women led brand for women. Pushed with erratic pieces that are softened with a romantic flourish which can be found through their assortment of sensible knits, coats and of course dresses. All created in a pret-a-couture philosophy.

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