AISPI X Lucy Parker Jewellery

Lucy Parker Jewellery

Selling jewellery

Style is minimal and bold

Price from €60 to €450

Before graduating from Central Saint Martins and working with a bespoke jewellery designer in Cambridge she wanted to create her own collection. All of Lucy's jewellery are inspired by tradition and the minimalist movement. Bold, Sculptural shapes that hone in on timeless style and create their own classic.

Being inspired by the people around her, looking at their tastes and what they choose to wear. Lucy enjoys the sense of nostalgia that jewellery can provoke in people and the sentimentality and stories that it can tell. With her ideas stemming subconsciously from her surroundings, each piece varies dramatically in style and is able to tell its own story.

AISPI had the privilege to meet the designer behind the label, read all about her story here- trust me its one not to be missed!

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