AISPI X Manjerica


Selling leather bags

Style is modern and artistic

Prices are between €190 and €490

The designer Teresa Bettencourt was born in the misty islands, as they call to the Azores. A magical place, surrounded by the Atlantic Blue, Freckled Green, a deep sky and volcanic lands. All this abundance reflects on her creations and desire to express herself through objects. We also present the tradition and craft techniques to this universe, whose quality and authenticity are key factors to Manjerica. We believe that the artisans have the magic power to make any craft product in a unique and special object.

Manjerica is a contemporary bags brand using vintage-inspired forms and bold color combinations, contrasts, to share a message. They want to express the nostalgia coming from a childhood surrounded by Nature and its reinterpretation in the modern life emotions. Manjerica is inspired by modernity, but has its essence in the past. It lives as an extension of the sea, the trees, the rocks, the sky, the clouds and the birds ... elements that merge into a perfect harmony of contrasts.

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