AISPI X Maramz


Selling jewellery

Style is minimalist and modern

Prices are between €30 and €80

Maramz offers quality designs and attention to detail, pieces that feel tailored. a Maramz piece is like a piece of sculpture that has been reimagined into a piece of jewelry and very often, has little to do with what the current trends are in the industry.

The Maramz woman is one who uses our jewels as a way of expressing her taste for modern and contemporary art and an appreciation for minimalistic style thus highlighting her unique character and natural beauty. The Maramz woman defines herself as modern, elegant and feminine

AISPI believes that Maramz is a brand that truly imbibes the values of what we believe in - beautiful piece at amazing prices that are an investment. We also had the pleasure of interviewing the designer, and you can read the whole story here

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