AISPI X Mare di Latte

Mare di Latte

"There are places where the sun and the sea punctuate the days, where pleasure, simplicity, freshness and sweetness define a way of living the daily life. A lifestyle where you feel at home as in a holiday home, where Corsica and Elsewhere live together."

Selling clothes

Priced between €100 and €300

Style is minimal cuts with vibrant colors

Comfortable, clean, soft and refined is what defines Mare Di Latte. While one may confuse it to be a seaside brand, the carefully selected cottons, linens and pashminas are made to last you year round. The elegant and everlasting style leads the brand to be stocked in New York, Malibu in addition to all over Europe

AISPI fell in love with their classic Pareo Malin dresses. When we first saw them they seemed just an ordinary piece of cloth and only on trying it on did we realize the subtle cuts, detailing and styling that made it fancy enough to wear in Paris over the summer

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