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Style is sophisticated and delicate

Selling from €70 to €300

The trademark of Mayre is the thin sheet of steel from which the jewellery is made, so as to highlight the finesse and move with the curvaceous human body. This wafer-thin feature gives the jewellery a sheen, smooth and sophisticated character that offer a light sensual expression of its wearer.

An interior designer by day and jewellery designer by night, Mayeul Reginault created ‘Mayre’ from his desire for jewellery and design. His main inspirations come from body paintings from tribes in Ethiopia, the freedom of drawing and the technicality of metalwork. With the connection of the body and the object being the most important aspect behind each of his pieces.

AISPI had the privilege to meet the designer behind the label, read all about his story here- trust me its one not to be missed!

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