AISPI X Mes Demoiselles

Mes Demoiselles

Selling clothes

Style is chic and sophisticated

Prices are between €150 and €350

Anita Radovanovic’s dreams and journeys gave birth in 2006 to Mes Demoiselles… Paris. Season after season, the Brand invites us to follow a singular path. Her route. Hypersensitive, over an Artist’s emotions and her unique vision of chic simplicity. The true luxury

Anita reinvents the fashion basics nurtured with her nice encounters. Her eyes and heart continuously wide open to the beauty, luxury and sensuality cultures of the handmade. Anita loves Nature and the natural. Its cloth, soft, light, handwoven is rooted in the traditional manufacture of India. Majesty of the fabric, sensual swirling of traditional dances and well-being of women

AISPI loves the fabrics used and also the fact that while this brand is rather well known it has still maintained its boutique nature

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