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Prices are between €20 and €100

Muhjo celebrates different materials and shapes, the brand gets its inspiration from smoothness of gold and silver and aesthetics of 3D printing and laser cutting. Here, you can find all types of styles and colors, and definitely will choose the one which matches your outfit and mood. The affordable prices make it possible to stay fashionista within your budget!

The wonderful and cute shop is also combined with a small gallery where you can enjoy art while shopping. Such a great quintessence of artistic aspirations make your visit in Muhjo super sophisticated experience.

In addition to the in house brand, Muhjo founder Staen also brings together jewellery designers from all parts of the world in his gallery. His curation is impeccable and it really calls for perfect gift.

AISPI shops here for personalized skyline rings - They are able to create a ring with the skyline of the city of your choice as the shape!

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