AISPI X Nita Suri

Nita Suri

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Price range of €350 to €800, use code AISPI for 10% discount to shop here

Style is classy statement

Born out of passion, architecture and art, NITASURI intertwines the three, resulting in bold, daring designs that will turn heads wherever you go. Inspired by Antoni Gaudi´s architectural wonders, designer Montse Freixes, a Barcelona native, goes by the motto ´fashion is art´ and each handbag is handcrafted in the heart is Spain's artisanal south and redefines luxury handbags!

The mother and daughter duo envisioned a handbag that gave women all over the world the freedom to express their creative vision. Montse´s daughter, brought about the revival of her mother´s brainchild. Delivering a modern spin on the iconic, functional silhouettes of the LIA and PILO, NITASURI offers a luxurious high-quality finish in a multitude of colours and textures, from sheep leather to exotic skins that are constructed like a mosaic!

AISPI shops here for a bag that is bound to catch everyone's eye. A pyramid structure or a sphere that is high quality yet different

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