AISPI X Officina del Poggio

Officina del Poggio

Selling handcrafted accessories

Style is timeless, classic and elegant

Price are between €50 to €700

Founded in 2014, Officina del Poggio has the core ideal of classic, heirloom quality with artisanal Italian craftsmanship in all of their handmade leather accessories. Wanting to combine modern luxury with a iconic silhouette while keeping the pieces practical. With each piece having the proud 'Made in Italy' embossing while also being accompanied by a hand signed certificate by its maker.

Designer Allsion Hoeltzel Savini wanted to capture a sense of timelessness into her designs with the highest standard of Italian craftsmanship. With a family run factory that lives in the heart of Tuscany, you can be assured that each bag is made with precision and passion. Using sustainable leather that is tanned by vegetables gives the core collection a new way of manufacturing their products while still giving you the best quality.

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