AISPI X Otentic


Selling perfumes

Prices are between €20 and €100

Style causal and chic

Otentic is an ultimate tradition savoir of perfumeries. The brand was founded by Jean-Denis Saisse and values the magic of fragrance in all spectrum. Otentic preserves the traditions of craftmanship which fostered in Provence region of France and create a perfume that tells a story about you. The scents of their collections is a symphony of fragrance and elegancy in one bottle.

Otentic has a very unique customer approach and their digitalized system of screens in the shop will help you to look straightly into the deepest secret of each perfume and choose the most suitable aroma which highlights your spirit! There are 10 collections and within each collection 8 perfumes. Displayed in inverted bubbles with a digital screen to guide each move, the experience at Otentic is unforgettable

AISPI visits the store for a unique shopping experience

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