AISPI X Point Blank Dot Dash

Point Blank Dot Dash

Selling clothes

Priced between €50 to €250

Style is fun, quirky, glitzy

"Messy explorations in art, architecture, fashion, film, (sub)culture, taste are central to the design approach of the collective. Interesting things emerge and ideas are born with making mistakes and clashing perspectives."

A creative project initiated by two friends, an interior designer and a print designer, turned into a beautiful production of clothes that girls would love to own. What I personally loved about Point Blank Dot Dash was their subtle hints of quirkiness. A tennis dress lined with sequins to make you stand out yet complement your casual aesthetic. A swim suit made of tie and dye print. A pair of track pants with tiny swimmers embroidered on the edges. Its all about the details!

AISPI shops here for dresses that can be worn to a cocktail or to a night at a friend's house. The versatility of styling these outfits is a game winner

The coverage was done by AISPI Talent Sophia Keijzer

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