AISPI X Samy Chalon

Samy Chalon

Selling clothes

Style is vintage

Prices are around €300

Samy Chalon is a designer who has a solid experience in fashion while working with giants such as Chloe, Kenzo, and Eres, he developed a unique style of craftsmanship and opened his atelier in 2006

His goal is to empower women and celebrate their independence and inner strength. All the magic of pieces carefully design and curation happen in-boutique atelier. What caught our eye was the fact that he uses vintage designer scarves from Hermes, Dior and transforms simple cardigans into unique pieces. By using the silk patterns he creates an amazing combination of vintage meets modern in one off pieces

AISPI shops here for vintage silk blouses and transformed cashmere cardigans made from Hermes and Dior scarves

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