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Selling clothing and accessories

Style is sustainable and up-cycled

Selling from €70 to €320

While in her studies in Fashion Design, she would join her mother to go to collect raw wool from the local sheep breeder, where she first got her inspiration behind her brand. Stine Sandermann,designs all of her knitwears with the aim of a no waste production, believing that all beautiful clothes can be made from materials that would otherwise have been thrown away. Sourcing left-over wool from local farmers, Sandermann meticulously spin, knit and manipulate the yarn to create unique knitwear pieces.

Her take on sustainable fashion, Stine Sandermann can pinpoint exactly which farm the wool in each sweater comes from. While keeping her eye out for new technqiues to up-cycle waste materials into beautiful fabrics even down to the way they make their patterns, making sure they leave close to no excess fabric once the patterns are cut. The brand has also recently vowed to find an alternative that avoids acrylic and plastics too.

AISPI had the privilege to meet the designer behind the label, read all about her story here- trust me its one not to be missed!

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