Scar ID

Selling clothes and accessories

Priced between €100 - €500

Style is edgy, avant garde, classy

The story behind this concept store is really amazing. Founded by Silvia, a visual artist and Andre, an architect, they believe in a careful curation process. They work with independent portuguese designers to select pieces that are timeless, avant garde yet classy. Every piece we tried on was really good quality and also had a detail to it that is rather rare. Below are some quotes from the founders that struck a chord for us.

"Scar-id store is an independent worldwide oriented design store, based in Porto – Portugal, that communicates and sells a selection of products made by Portuguese designers based on exclusivity, innovation and identity, in the areas of fashion, accessories, jewellery, furniture and product design."

"We believe that a client should buy a piece because somehow it makes him/her feels better and it fulfils its identity. We don´t care about trends or novelties."

AISPI shops here for an investment piece like a statement dress or a leather jacket that will make heads turn

Video coverage by AISPI talent Joao Ribeiro and photographs from the store itself

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