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We often hear of tailored men's suits, its rather common and easy to find. However, few brands cater to the remaining 50% of the world's population when it comes to traditional work wear. Society room believes in addressing this gap - tailored suits for both men and women!

Society Room is distinct in its philosophy by having the ability to have creative processes that showcases the quintessentially Parisian concept to an international audience. With the option of what fabric you want to be used, down to your own measurements and tailoring- Society room gives you the personalised shopper experience you always wanted!

Society Room brings out a modern femininity, with a hint of rebelliousness. Oversized garments, cinched at the waist, figures a relaxed silhouette that incarnates the allure of the Parisienne, simultaneously simple yet refined. Society room is helping to Reinvent both classic pieces, such as the tuxedo and the suit jacket, but also lighter summer garments so you can go from season to season!

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