AISPI X Spazioif


Selling bags

Priced between €150 to €400

Style is versatile while appearing classic

Spazioif sells high quality Italian leather bags which are made with great detail and thought. You can find diverse colors, ranges and designs. The coolest thing is that they allow you to visit their ateliers in Palermo where you can find an intimate space full of fabrics, leathers, pearls and materials of all types. You can experience the whole journey from idea to sketch to prototype and finally production. Prior booking is necessary! +390913815670

AISPI shops here for bags that can have multiple uses while retaining their classic look. We bought a bag that can be worn as a tote, as a backpack or a jacket!

Coverage is a combination of photos from Spazioif and our AISPI talent Liza Yudina

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