AISPI X Tutu Chic

Tutu Chic

Selling clothes

Two price ranges - ready to wear under €200 and couture at €500

Style is flirty, feminine and at the same time statement

Tutu Chic is not just a fun brand of girly clothes, it is a fashion movement aimed at young women all over. Freya Poppe, founder of the brand, says "Let women, feel and BE women, strong, powerful ladybosses, with a poppy and happy twist”.

Her branding of everything PINK is a shout out to break the stereotype that girls equal pretty in pink without any ambition or intelligence. Pushing the limits of this, lets embrace who we are!

AISPI shops here for sweatshirts with cute hearts and slogans from the RTW collection and luxurious hand knitted vests in vibrant colors from the couture collection

Coverage by Nick Cusseneers

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