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PARTNER WITH US Here you can read about our partnerships and press features. You can contact us with any idea that you might have and we are happy to collaborate and create impactful partnerships. For press coverage, incase you would like to interview our founder or any other team member, please do send an email to arrange an appointment.

Hello Mag features AISPI in the Divas Under Lockdown Series

Hello Mag India featured our founder Aisha S Kothari among noted names like Sherina Dalamal, Aishwariya Nair, Ujjwala Raut, Sarah Todd, Diipa Khosla, Shriya Saran, Sheetal Mafatlal, Ayesha Depala, Malini Murjani to speak about how she is handling the Covid Lockdown situation and what's next for the brand!

Read the full feature here

Vogue labels AISPI as Fashion's Tinder

"Think of it as Fashion's Tinder - AISPI picks up on your location and helps you find the coolest boutiques near you during your travels in Europe. That's not all, you can also buy these hidden treasures off her website, "

- Vogue

Harper's Bazaar features AISPI

Our founder was labelled "The Fashion Scout" by Harper's Bazaar. She recommends three unique fashion finds for the summer - Noe, Rosantica and Timeshades

Read the full feature here

EY Interviews our founder on how to start a business and the nuances tied with it

Aisha Saraf Kothari, founder of AISPI, talks about how she combines running her own startup with a corporate job and a private life. Today, she combines her part-time job consulting startups at The Factory with running her own startup. This unique perspective gives her the opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs in her network and share her insights with the startups she’s consulting.

Topics covered in this interview are - One size fits none, The corporate vs startup life, Balancing the chaos and Build – measure – learn mentality

Watch the full interview here

Indian Express Indugle writes a story on how AISPI is expected to shape and influence the independent fashion scene

Belgium-based fashion curator Aisha Saraf Kothari has a job that’s almost too cool to exist; a couple of years back she founded AISPI, which is a curated and intimate look at the heart of European fashion. The concept is simple - whether you’re in Paris, Milan or Capri, AISPI guides you towards noteworthy labels and local designers, away from high street hoi polloi, names which are essentially the ‘next big thing’. “The idea is to catch up to them before they go big and everyone’s talking about them,” Aisha tells us. You can discover, shop, and explore some of the exceptional labels from AISPI’s site.

- Indian Express

Read the full feature here

Hello feature AISPI in their luxury edit as the Eye on Fashion for France

Hello interviews our founder on the hidden gems in France. Especially curated for Hello, we speak about the local fashion finds in Paris, St Tropez and Courchevel. Typically highly visited hot spots, we go into explaining what not only makes these places unique from a fashion point of view but also lifestyle

Read the full feature here

Indian Express writes a story on the AISPI trunk shows in Delhi, Calcutta and our special Online drop

"Sometimes it not about path breaking ideas, it's about creating new paths that will stand the tests of time" - The Indian Express

Renowned newspaper and magazine, Indian Express, covers the AISPI story and trunk shows. Explaining the mission, value and vision behind our company as well as explaining how we hope to get there. The article also explains some of our key brands and how we curated them.

Read the full feature here

Cosmopolitan features AISPI as the Newest, Latest and Most Talked About Fashion Stuff

Cosmopolitan interviewed founder Aisha S Kothari on the business idea behind AISPI. The inspiration and story as well as future plans. Key snippets from the full page feature include
"Making Fashion a Table Conversation - Belgium based Aisha Saraf Kothari, is connecting travellers with local designers and boutiques in Europe"
"Future plans include recreating townhouses in key cities all over the world that function as an experiential hub for local fashion"

Read the full feature here

Italy: Latest Magazine interviews our founder

Latest magazine interviews our founder on the inspiration behind AISPI, the story behind the name, the method of curation and the future plans for AISPI.

In this very intimate interview our founder opens up to editor Giulia Greco to explain how her diverse background and experience helped shape AISPI to what it is today and more

Read the full piece here

India: AISPI covered by Kolkota Press, Telegraph, Millenium Post, Echo of India and Morning India

AISPI launches 12 European designers from Belgium, London, Italy, Greece and Spain in Kolkota, India. As a result, AISPI was covered by over 16 Press and media channels.

"Expect the heart of European fashion by design house from Belgium - AISPI will feature quirky looks curated from hidden European talent - Italian sunglasses inspired by watches, silk dresses modelled after architecture and bags that resemble works of art"

Pakistan: Niche Lifestyle Magazine names AISPI Fashion's Sherlock Holmes

AISPI was approached by leading Pakistani magazine Niche Lifestyle as a curator of exclusive and hard to find European gems. Our founder goes into details of the curation process, the story behind the brand and the future vision of expansion into the the South Asian market.

Read the full feature here

London: Featured in Mess Mag by Conde Nast

We bumped into the founder of Mess Magazine - Domi Perek at London Fashion Week, and when you meet a #bossbabe you know it. Domi is nothing short of a power woman on a mission. Her magazine is associated with Conde Nast travel and she creates absolutely mind blowing content for high end niche fashion. We had the pleasure of interviewing and being featured on her magazine.

Do read the full article here and explore mess mag to oggle at young talent and creativity

Belgium: Founder Aisha interviewed by Fashion Incubator Mia-H as an innovative solution for designers

Mia H is a cutting edge incubator in the heart of Belgium. MIA · H offers space to young, innovative companies at their start-up or growth into worthy players in the accessory and fashion industry. Founded by Myriam Vanheusden with over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry and being responsible for the growth of the famous Antwerp 6, Dirk Bikkembergs, Raf Simmons and more.

It was indeed an honor to be interviewed by them - read our full coverage here as our founder explains the future vision of AISPI and the current value adds.

Belgium: The List Mag

Founder of The List Mag - Emm Verheyden, is really a visionary. He is there to bring you the best of the world - restaurants, travel, fashion, lifestyle, interior - you name it and he will strive to make the most unique curated list that you will ever see.

Ofcourse, it is no surprise that our interests match. We were featured in Emm's Knokke Magazine as one of the top 40 things to look out for this summer!

India: European designer expansion at Luxury Lifestyle Weekend

AISPI was invited as the ONLY curator of niche and noteworthy European brands. We participated at the renowned Luxury Lifestyle Weekend in India to introduce the market to the concept of boutique shopping. We were alongside American Express, Panerai, Christies, Sofitel, Balmain, Dries Van Noten, Gucci, Shiseido, Jo Malone, Mercedez, Audi, Ferrari, Franck Muller, Halpern, Chloe and many more

The reaction we received was overwhelming and AISPI was unanimously voted as the most refreshing, unique and well curated exhibit at LLW. We were covered by Times of India, Hello Mag, Lifestyle Asia along with over 12 influencers in India.

We are currently working with renowned boutiques of India to stock our 6 designers that came along with us for this journey.

You can read more about LLW

Belgium: Keynote Speaker for Take Off Antwerp - Biggest Youth Entrepreneur Event

After a succesful first edition in 2018, our founder Aisha S Kothari was invited as a keynote speaker to deliver the Culture in Business talk to young entrepreneurs. She dove deeper into how managing people and adapting to different cultures can lead to accelerated success in the workplace. Also sharing insights into her journey as a Female Entrepreneur in a panel with other notes business women such as Isabelle Dumortier, Alicia De Clerck, Segolene Jacmin and Nirali Malji.

Global: AISPI identified as a great place to work

We strongly believe actions speak louder than words. Therefore, it was an overwhelming surprise to us when one of our interns was interviewed by Fashion United - global fashion platform for job recruitment and placement.

"Being part of a team where you can express your creativity, ideas and having the same passion for fashion is what AISPI offers you" - Alexia, Intern @ AISPI

Read the whole article here

India: Partnership with niche curation team @Thecultcurators

AISPI believes in collaborate and conquer - we love working with like minded people that are striving for the same values as us. Therefore, when we came across The Cult Curators, this was a no brainer. Their eye for detail and style is amazing.

We are proud to announce that they will be partnering with us to curate finds for the AISPI audience and bring you all one step closer to the hidden fashion world!

Flanders Investment and Trade

AISPI is supported by the Flemish Investment and Trade organization that exponentiates international business and opportunities for global expansion

Belgium: Founder, Aisha S Kothari mentor at KBC Startit

AISPI starting as a platform to support the upcoming creative industry of designers, content creators and connect them with everyday consumers. Along the journey, our founder Aisha S Kothari realised that the only way to grow is to collaborate and create impact together. Using her experience from the corporate world of New York to the startup world of India and Belgium, she believes that founders support founders and women empower women.
As a result, she is a mentor at KBC startit to support young startups and share with them tangible and intangible skills in impact creation.

India: Media network identifies AISPI as the new go to fashion hub for celebrities

Within 2 months of launching our fashion portal, our curated finds have been picked up celebrities such as Mira Kapoor, Devita Saraf, and Sidhart Shankar Mahadevan

Celebrity focused website (ai)spied our story and featured us as the new fashion house to watch out for. The article covers stories of how celebrities are now spotted in niche European designer finds thanks to us and their reactions.

Read the full coverage here

India: Featured in The Style Stamp

AISPI did a piece on the 5 most unconventional pieces to find on your next 'Euro Trip'.

The Style Stamp is India's leading fashion online platform that is community sourced. It is a one stop shop for flaunting your style, having community discussions on fashion queries, space to discover latest trends, a marketplace and a fashion calendar! With a following of 200k members, TSS is a community that is growing by leaps and bounds.

Special thanks to founder Sidhant Lamba

Belgium: Partnership with Scoop

We had the pleasure of meeting the co-founder of Scoop - Inge and having a super discussion on her boutique concept. Which, is infact much more than a boutique. It is a physical location that houses emerging designers and not only gives them the infrastructure to sell their product but also real time advice and consultation on how to grow.

For all you shopaholics, this is the go to place for cute and trendy fashion finds from local designers. We are now their partners and will be featuring their designers and contributing to their discovery journey.

Stay tuned and until then see our coverage here

Switzerland: Featured in Salome's Blog

Salome is a wonderful young influencer from Switzerland. We met each other through a common friend and her honesty, simplicity and absolute fun loving nature had us sold. Salome has done an excellent job of explaining in really simple words what AISPI is all about - read here and do follow her instagram especially to learn more about skin care!

Salome's blog

Netherlands: Featured Bysalony

Salony is on an adventure of her own, by profession she is a fashion and lifestyle PR agent, but by passion a discoverer like this. On the scout for interesting stories, we delighted her with ours.

Do not miss her beautifully written coverage of our journey here

Belgium: Speaker at EY on Kickstarting your Startup

Have an amazing idea but no clue on how to execute it? Want to know how to build a team? AISPI was launched in 2017, and today we have over 200 boutiques, 15 cities, an MVP and are growing at an unimaginable pace. See a video of our Founder, Aisha S. Kothari addressing the scaleups at The Birdhouse Accelerator and The Watt Factory Accelerator, on how to make the right choices while hiring your team. People are the key to the success and failure of your venture and in collaboration with EY The Factory , Aisha gives you a download on how to use hiring tools to differentiate your future.

See snippets of the video here and email for detailed advice and questions

India: Interviewed by Women Entrepreneur magazine Magicka

Magicka Women is an association of 70.000 women owned business organisations all across the globe. Established in 2011, Magicka Women’s emergence has played a catalyst for rise in women entrepreneurship reducing the gender gap that contributes towards global economy. The membership based association works on the principle of networking and business promotions. It aims at promoting entrepreneurship business growth, enabling women to achieve success.
Our founder, Aisha was featured as one of the unique and promising concepts of the future generation at Magicka.

The full feature can be found here

Germany: Featured by Sugartrends

They say, you're not famous unless you have coverage in multiple languages! Here goes, our interview with Sugartrends Germany. A concept that comes from the same value system as AISPI - helping you get one step closer to local, hard to find creations. The difference, Sugartends is an e-commerce platform, global and focused on a wide variety of products.

Read our interview here which explains more about AISPI and how we are complementing each other in this journey of discovery.

Belgium: Speaker at EY Tomorrow's Legacy

Do you know your smallest actions today can have the biggest impact tomorrow?
Powered by EY, Tomorrow's Legacy is an initiative born to Inspire, Connect and Impact. Along with
Tiany Kiriloff, founder of Belmodo
Tom Notte and Bart Vandenbosch, Founder of Les Hommes
Audrey Joris, founder of AliciaAudrey Collection and AFC

Our founder, Aisha was invited to explain the impact of AISPI in the fashion world. How we help you express your personality through fashion and take you one step closer towards the local and emerging brands of Europe.
Watch snippets of the video here

Belgium: Fashion Show Judge for AILC Annual Fund Raiser

Our founder, Aisha Saraf Kothari was invited as a judge along with renowned influencer Masoom Minawala (Miss Style Fiesta). The ladies of AILC raised over €14.000 to support 6 different charities. The fashion show showed tremendous talent and ambition of the women in Belgium. Attended by over 300 people, the event was a milestone achievement for the community.

Belgium: Speaker at Entrepreneurial Kick Off

Aisha Saraf Kothari gave a session on Culture in Business to students in Belgium through Sinc. The event was attended by over 1200 people and covered on national radio. Aisha spoke about how to say what to whom and when in order to excel professionally. It also included snippets of her personal journey from a corporate consultant in New York to a startup consultant and global fashion founder
Catch a preview of the talk here and email us for the detailed presentation on

Belgium: Partnership with Lys.Fashion - A B2B platform for designers and boutiques

At AISPI we believe in staying ahead of the trends and providing all the support to emerging brands to grow. Lys.Fashion provides an online easy to use platform for designers to upload their collections and boutiques to browse through and place offers. It has many features including filtered access, immediate feedback and interaction.

With our exclusive code you can enjoy 6 months free. Read more about our partnership here

India: Partnership with A Travel Duet, Boutique travel consultants

Designers of bespoke luxury travel, ATD goes the extra mile to curate experiences that are completely out of the ordinary. The experiences are authentic, unexplored and unforgettable - spicing up otherwise vanilla itineraries.

AISPI is their fashion and personal shopping partner that allows their travelers to bring back fashion symbols from their escapades. Personalized shopping itineraries, experiences and workshops are curated for us for ATD

Plan your next holiday with AISPI X ATD  

Lisbon: Experience Portugal's exclusive designers with Fashion Deli

At AISPI we believe in giving you the best fashion experiences from beginning to end. Therefore, we have Fashion Deli.

Dive into Lisbon's 7 hills discovering fashion designers' ateliers, inspiring concept stores, handmade eyewear workshops and contemporary jewellery galleries as well as spots with long craftsmanship tradition.

You will experience and learn about the Portuguese fashion landscape and get an idea about the everyday life of creative Lisboetas.

To top it off you will be given a unique opportunity to shop directly from the ateliers of the best Portuguese fashion designers!

Email us at to book your exclusive experience today!

Rome: Curated fashion experiences with Vogue Journalist Eleonora Attolico

Eleonora Attolico, journalist for L’Espresso, l’Officiel and Vogue Italia, is the daughter of Count Giacomo Attolico, former Ambassador in Paris and London

You will be able to see how ateliers work, how tailors cuts, how embroideries are made, how they choose fabrics. Those unforgettable experiences can be done in prestigious ateliers of Haute Couture.
Understand first hand from designers the process of their creativity such as Cristina Bomba, Arsenale by Patrizia Pieroni and Serena De Fiore.

Eleonoras curation is completely independent and her vast experience as a fashion journalist ensures that you will have a customized and absolutely unforgettable experience

Email us on to book!

Munich: Dive into the hidden gems and emerging designer scene with Fashion Deli

Immerse yourself into the heart of the Munich fashion scene with a personal stylist. Visit the most sought-out local boutiques and hidden gems that most city visitors miss. Meet the most exciting designers, store owners and fashion insiders. Hear their stories and learn about their very personal take on fashion. A truly unique curation of concepts from latest trends to sustainable fashion, offering collections from young and upcoming Munich designers

Email us at to book your exclusive experience today!

Belgium: Mia-H fashion incubator speaker on digital strategy and brand building

Aisha Saraf Kothari conducted a workshop on social media optimization and strategy for startups. How to successfully use the platform that is currently plagued by big brands and influencers. Using niche content strategy and targeting the right audience for value creation.

Read more about Mia-H and how their founder Myriam Van was instrumental in building the brand of the famous Antwerp 6

Europe-India: Official partner and industry expert of fashion delegation by Questerra

Questerra’s Couture Storie Intensive features AISPI as the fashion innovation expert. Across Barcelona, Paris, Milan and London, AISPI, with its fashion revolution, will address a delegation of 20 fashion industry professionals on the upcoming and boutique fashion in Europe. Key insights and market entry strategies as an emerging designer on how to reach your target audience and also what is valued from a product quality standpoint.

India: AISPI featured in Bold Magazine

AISPI featured in Bold Outline Magazine, an amalgamation of pop culture, fashion, travel, art, and leisure. The magazine stands for bold ideas paired with exclusive Bollywood interviews and photo shoots.

Read the full feature on AISPI

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