AISPI X Barbara

Barbara Barbosa

Age : 20

Hometown : Madeira Islands

Currently lives in : Lisbon

Skills : Photography, Video, Video Editing, 3D Animations

Years of Experience : 1

Equipment : gopro 4 hero

Barbara Barbosa says : My 2 favorite things are cinema and gymnastics. I want to be a movie director and a script writer! I never want to stop doing gymnastics! I am always listening to music - radiohead, or ludovico einaudi or disney movies’ soundtracks. I had ballet classes for 9 years (4-13). i have always had a fixation about the idea of freedom and equality since I can remember and my biggest dream is to move to New York!! I am a really talkative and creative person and, above all, the biggest daydreamer ever!

AISPI says : Barbara is a sweetheart! She has a very clean heart and is really enthusiastic. At a young age, she aspires for big things. Her work and style is under development and she has a keen attitude to learn.

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