AISPI X Eva Berbel

Eva Berbel

Age : 24

Hometown : Spain

Currently lives in : Barcelona

Skills : Photography, video, graphic design

Years of Experience : 2

Eva Berbel says : I graduated in digital image engineering (Barcelona, 2016). Passionate about art, fashion, design and cinema. When I was a child I dreamed of working in the world of photography someday. Over time I discovered that a passion can become your job, if you work hard. I love creating the atmosphere where someone can be attracted and stop to watch what happens.

Being part of AiSpi has been wonderful. Especially the contact with great professionals in this sector. Fashion, design and art, gathered in this incredible -but also familiar- platform.

AISPI says : Eva was super to work with - pleasant, happy and creative! Her work speaks volumes. The videos are really mesmerizing and get you thinking deeper into the story of the subject

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