AISPI X Jordan Emily Brown

Jordan Emily Brown

Age : 25

Hometown : Kent

Currently lives in : Kent

Skills : Content creation

Style : Whimsical, girly

Years of Experience : 5

Jordan Emily Brown says : I always try to see the magic in everyday life, whether that be through beautiful flowers or delicious food. I started blogging because I wanted to have a creative outlet for my writing and photographing. I hope that I leave behind positivity and the inspiration to travel as much as possible.

Read our interview with Jordan here

AISPI says : AISPI selected Jordan because of her extraordinary account. Her life seems the be the dream of every women. Traveling and chasing the sun all year round. You won't find pants in Jordan's wardrobe either. On her account you can mostly see her swinging around in a summer dress or a chic evening dress.

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