AISPI X Marina Matiss

Marina Matiss

Age : 28

Hometown : Minsk

Currently lives in : Barcelona

Skills : Content creation, Modeling, Singer-Songwriter

Style : Dreamy

Marina Matiss says : I’m a multi-influence person. I don’t focus on one specific niche. I never thought of being an influencer or even a model. I’m a musician, singer and song writer. I published a book in Russian, I speak 7 languages.“I believe the energy I have inside me and my diversity of interests is what makes my account attractive to follow.”
Read our interview with Marina here

AISPI says : She is a woman of many talents - a singer, a writer, an influencer, a model and to top it all a master in 7 languages!
We selected Marina as one of our AISPI talents because she exudes a lot of confidence and she is not afraid to voice her opinion. Marina is self reliant and an inspiration for young girls

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