Mary Frijia

Age : 29

Hometown : Curinga, Calabria, South Italy

Currently lives in : Milan

Skills : Analogic and Digital Photography, Film and Video, Creative Writing, Post Production

Style : Subjective and visionary

Years of Experience : 5

Equipment : Canon eos mark III

Mary Frijia says : I have a degree in Social Services and postgraduate specialization in Photography at Bauer institute in Milan with work experiences as video editor, camera and assistant producer.
Photography, video and cinema are my world. I like to observe and describe society through these languages; passionate about human being, documentary and all of the visual arts. My style is difficult to box into a few words. In every project there is a part of me, my view, my creativity, my ideas. There are several artists that inspire me and that I love: Duane Michals, Francesca Woodman, Gregory Crewdson for photography, Wes Anderson, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Brad Anderson for cinema, Stefano Benni, Chuck Palahniuk, J.G. Ballard, George Orwell for literature and much more
I'm interested in documentary, experimental and fiction films and I work as a video editor at Zampediverse.

I think that AISPI is a courageous and original project, it isn't just a fashion blog, but it brings together several styles and personalities. I believe in the project because it recognizes the hard work, the creativity, the ideas of all of the people that work with it, these are the reasons why I loved to collaborate with AISPI.

AISPI says : Mary defines perfectionist! She was one of the first photographers and artists we worked with and she taught us so much. Her style, her persona and her quality is amazing. She will continue to do retakes till she delivers something that is really a work of art. Mary goes the extra mile - she even went after our 2 day shoot to take extra interview clips. She is also really passionate as she takes out the time to understand your vision, your business and will immerse herself in the overall concept.

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