Nazy Raouf

Age : 23

Hometown : Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan

Currently lives in : London

Skills : Analogue photography and printing, Video

Style : Documentary/Narrative

Years of Experience : 4

Equipment : Mamiya RB67 PRO SD + 35mm compacts

Nazy Raouf says : I’ve been fascinated with the still image and photograph as a production since digital cameras became a household item, so it has effectively always been the focus of my studies. I appreciate the medium as an outlet tool, whether that is informative or creative, and so prefer to make documentary work. I enjoy being a photographer and like that I’m forever learning about a subject that is every-changing

AISPI says : Nazy has a very confident and sure style. When I initially started working with her, she was super quiet and reserved. By the end of our two day adventure, we were bonding over stories of family and beliefs. Nazy is an amazing person - she believes in creating a real impact and with her hard working and detail oriented nature I am sure she will be super successful. She strives for perfection and you will be far from disappointed working with her

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