AISPI X Patricia

Patricia Claro

Hometown : Estoril, Portugal

Currently lives in : Lisbon

Skills : Content creation

Style : Modern, Statement, Bold

Patricia Claro says : but I like to believe that nothing happens in life by chance. Everything has a reason to be, of course we have to work and fight for what we want and dream but I believe that nothing happens without a reason. And so, I think a secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you thing
it should be.

I don’t have a blog and I do not consider myself a influencer, I guess I’m more a content creator. And in creating content I like to believe that it makes a difference in someone's life, we never know who is seeing us and how that can inspire someone. This inspiration can be through the outfits I share, the way I look at life, something I say, anything. Sometimes the most insignificant things can have the biggest impact on a life. We never
know the difference we can make to the people on the other side of internet.

AISPI says : We love Patricia's absolutely bold yet understated style. She has an aura around her that makes anyone aspire to achieve her look. She has a unique view when she creates her content and we love the way she can find inspiration in any situation. Her demeanor is pleasant and its a pleasure to speak to her!

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