AISPI X Salomé Ephrati

Salomé Ephrati

Age : 22

Hometown : Geneva

Currently lives in : Lausanne

Skills : Highlighting my face (kidding, I write blog articles and i am developing my faltlay photography skills)

Years of Experience : 2

Salomé Ephrati says : I am very passionate about skin care, makeup and clothes that is animal friendly. I love pushing that notion into the limelight when i talk to my followers.
My experience with AISPI is A LOT of online shopping. They make you discover such unique designers and shops and when it so happens that they ship, well... I buy.

AISPI says : Salome is a young, strong and honest influencer. She is very friendly, prompt and also professional. Working with her was an absolute pleasure. She really cares about her followers and promotes what she believes in. Over and above, she is super nice and really takes out the time to understand what you are doing. Infact, she was able to explain what AISPI does better than some of us!
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