AISPI X Sophia Keijzer

Sophia Keijzer

Age : 23

Hometown : Amsterdam

Currently lives in : London

Skills : Photography

Style : Realism

Years of Experience : 4

Sophia Keijzer says : As an artist, visual thinker and digital native, I am continuously seeking to capture my direct surroundings giving meaning to world events. I play with the idea of what can and can’t be seen: this inspires me to explore beyond boundaries and vision the bigger picture. I believe in different, challenging the status quo and our habits. Questioning the norm. Photography is a medium often used to explore those boundaries within my practice.

Working with AISPI gave me a awesome opportunity to experience, explore and collaborate this thought with others.

AISPI says : Sophia is confident and bubbly. Extremely enthusiastic she took the opportunity to go beyond the scope and also pitched the idea of AISPI to get us more coverage at fashion week than expected.

Sophia covered Claire Tagg and Point Blank Dot Dash with us.

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