AISPI X Fashionhorses


Age : 31 and 33

Hometown : Germany

Currently lives in : Hamburg, Germany

Skills : Fashion Photography, Art Direction, Styling, Experimental Visuals

Years of Experience : 10

Equipment : Diverse

Fashionhorses says : FASHIONHORSES could be defined as a studio, but the work that we do goes beyond a label. We like to see it as two women that have very different perspectives which combined found a common ground when it comes to producing and integrating many forms of visual expressions. Our almost 10 years experience with each other began at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and is reflected in our photography, editorial design, installations and styling. A polarity that is unified by one simple element: DEVELOP WORK WITH STRONG PERSONALITY

AISPI says : Working with fashion brands across the spectrum their style is impeccable . I was attracted to their work through their mysterious and strong elements. Their website and profile will show you the high editorial level tehy are able to achieve.
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