AISPI X Sylvie

Sylvie Michelle

Age : (stopped counting after 35) at heart 38

Hometown : Antwerp

Currently lives in : Belgium

Skills : Photography, photoshop, architecture

Style : Portrait

Years of Experience : since I could hold a camera (since ever)

Equipment : Nikon D7100 and D650

Sylvie Michelle says : I'm a happy go lucky woman who travelled the world with my husband and a backpack. Have 2 gorgeous kids who I love to dead. Passionate about snowboarding and nature. Where people go right, I go to the left, playing with lights and capturing moments on my camera

Experience working with Aisha:
She is very easy going smart woman, has brilliant ideas and bringing them in. Nice working with Aisha

AISPI says : Sylvie is very pleasant and has a really nice perspective. Her photos are artistic and she is really efficient. Loved working with her!

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