AISPI X Tine Swijns

Tine Swijns

Age : 27

Hometown : Beringen

Currently lives in : Antwerp

Skills : content creation, art direction, photography, video

Years of Experience : 4

Equipment : Canon 5D Mark II, Adobe

Tine Swijns says : As a child, I wanted to become a writer. I discovered later on that I am more a visual person but storytelling will always be very important to me. I started with photography and later on with video. Design is a big part of my daily job. I see it as the glue that holds the story together, like when I’m editing or creating a collage. I’m not a technical photographer, but it is my tool by choice to visualize my ideas. I find it important to try different tools as well. I don’t always have the option to go shoot outside, so I focus a lot on still life photography which I get to shoot at home. I’m currently learning 3D design as well. What I love most is to create a concept and to visualize it, no matter what the medium is. Concept creation is a big part of my process.

What I like about AISPI, is that it brings different aspects together.

AISPI says : Tine's style stood out immediately and her creative direction is impeccable. She plays with textures, light and moods to create unique pieces of art.
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