Yoko O’Hara

Age : 27

Hometown : Ojai, California

Currently lives in : Ghent

Skills : Graphic Design, Painting, Drawing

Style : Clean minimalistic style

Years of Experience : 2-5

Equipment : Laptop, Adobe Creative Suite, Camera, Paint, Pencil

Yoko O’Hara says : I started off with a minor in Fine Arts and a major in Art History for my bachelors and proceeded to study Management for my Masters. But after interning at an advertising agency, I decided that I wanted to take my career along with my paintings and drawings to a different place. This ended up being graphic design; I could create things digitally in combination with my paintings/drawings which I really loved. I took classes to learn more but just working with people has taught me many things! I hope my contribution to AISPI has caught people's attention to it and I look forward to more collaborations!
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