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The short story

AISPI is your personal guide to curated local European fashion.

When was the last time you visited Florence, Paris, Milan or London and shopped outside of the ‘main shopping streets’, in the heart of Europe’s fashion scene? How much time did it take you to find those stores and how many of them were really worth the trek?

AISPI takes recommendations from the best influencers, stylists and pioneers of the fashion world. We then unearth the story behind these boutiques, understand their price points, quality of product and create a validated selection to present to you.

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Discover yourself as you use our platform to browse through the numerous undiscovered and hidden gems of European fashion. AISPI is a conversation starter – you have a beautiful and unique personality, use AISPI to find the pieces that express your travels and adventures by visiting local boutiques or creating custom clothing!

Understand the story behind the boutiques and designers through our wonderful community of videographers and stylists. Recognize the value of what you buy by learning about the materials and processes used to manufacture.

Impact the fashion world by giving creatives the recognition they deserve. Visit our AISPI talent platform to learn how you can do more in this Fashion Movement!

If you want to find out more, visit our FAQs or just glance to your right and browse through some of the quick links on how this all works!

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If you are a

Consumer wanting a personalized shopping list for your next European adventure

Boutique or upcoming designer wanting to join the platform and find opportunities for expansion

Emerging talent looking to push creative boundaries

Blogger or stylist looking to impact the fashion world

An awesome person wanting to say hey!

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Meet the team

Aisha Saraf Kothari

Aisha Saraf Kothari

Born and raised in India, studied and worked in America and now lives in Belgium.
Energetic, obsessively organized and lives for dancing into the sunrise in new destinations.
Gets most satisfaction from achieving the impossible and positively impacting the lives of those around her.
Responsible for concocting the ideas at AISPI and creating creative chaos in the lives of her amazing team

Nick Cusseneers
Production Manager

Nick Cusseneers
Production Manager

Antwerp born and bred and full of positivity, determination and hard work. Gets ease of mind from 5 AM runs that keep the creative juices flowing. Focuses on thinking out of the box to achieve solutions for the near impossible.
Responsible for conjuring creative content at the drop of a hat and managing the AISPI talent platform

Yoko O'Hara
Creative Manager

Yoko O'Hara
Creative Manager

Born in Japan, raised and studied in America and UK and now living in Belgium. Loves the excitement of traveling, experiencing different cultures and seeing all the beautiful things the world has to offer. Making things, especially by hand, is her passion.
Responsible for all things graphic and design based at AISPI, specifically converting the abstract design visions of the team into the AISPI website and brand image

Alexia De Brabandere
Marketing manager

Alexia De Brabandere
Marketing manager

Born and raised in Belgium and studied in Milan and Brazil. Spontaneous, flexible and creative with a major passion for fashion. Believes in growth through inspiration and using fashion as a means of self expression. Extremely fun loving, and always in splits of laughter.
Responsible for social media stalking, new designer spying and the public image of AISPI

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