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Façon Jacmin

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Style is everlasting and chic

Twins Alexandra and Segolene started Facon Jacmin, a brand made almost entirely out of denim, to address the dynamic woman. Soft or tough, shiny or washed-off, solid or fluid, bold or sensitive, denim's power lies in its nature of metamorphosis - very much like a woman.

The quality of this brand is impeccable, they source the material directly from Japan - Japanese denim, supported by the culture of perfectionism, has a premium and distinctive composition that has become the nation’s pride as it has left a mark in Japan’s modern history

What we absolutely loved was their entrepreneurial creativity - selling the product through a moving truck, allowing them the agility as well as saving costs. Now after proving their success, they have a boutique in the heart of Brussels

AISPI shops here for everlasting denim trench coats and reversible blazers

Coverage by Marta Cots

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