Thibault Flament

Age : 26

Hometown : Brussels

Currently lives in : Brussels

Skills : Cinematography, Video editing

Style : Observation and Adrenaline

Equipment : Canon C300MkII, Canon 24mm Cine, Canon 5dMkIII, Nikon FM2

Thibault Flament says : As J.Tati would say: "Life is beautiful, you just have to watch

AISPI says : Tibo is a dream to work with! Very very respectful, observant and skilled. Once he knows your style he comes with an organized agenda and a plethora of ideas. He comes with a team, professional equipment and a vision. He is not only a great cinematographer but also an amazing person - so much to learn from him. His adventures and pursuits are inspiring. I would encourage each and every person to definitely reach out to work with him.

Tibo's work
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