Founders Note: What is the inspiration behind AISPI?

AISPI, AISPI with my little eye

I have grown up in New Delhi, India, then moved to America to study business at Wharton and continued to work in New York. I have been a strategy consultant throughout my career and saw the good and the bad of working with big corporate companies. The one thing that I did learn was what drives me, what wakes me up each morning. It was the fact that my actions can have an impact – whether small or big, the ripple effect of your action can be insane!

I also realized that being brought up as a typical stereotyped Indian (we really believe in getting the bang for our buck), combined with my obsessiveness of perfectionism, I managed to drive quite a few people crazy (a big sorry to my husband, sister, parents, wedding planner, team mates and the list goes on!). However, the one great thing that came out of this craziness is AISPI (pronounced as i-spy, if you want to know more about the name read here)

AISPI started off as a project. A simple fashion project to create an impact in an industry that I always loved, but couldn’t be a part of. I had never studied design or fashion management. A few months in, we have impacted the lives of 150 shops and designers, 40 emerging artists and over 2500 consumers. By providing a platform where consumers can express themselves through fashion and travel.

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So what exactly is AISPI – a place where a crazy perfectionist like me researches and reaches out to fashion pioneers to give you the best value for money, high quality and hard to find local boutiques in Europe. (Oh and in addition to above, I am also mildly obsessed with sunsets and brunches – happy to recommend those as well)

Still here? Now you’re all in homie, don’t leave the story halfway, read on further and please please do reach out to me with questions, comments, or just a hi? so I can thank you for taking out time to know about me! ([email protected])

When we travel, we spend so much researching where to stay, what to eat and where to enjoy. We also do spend time researching where to shop but when we reach the destination, we’re either walking away with a souvenir that says “I Love London” or a piece from any of the mainstream brands that you could have visited while running errands at home.

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AISPI helps you walk away with a wearable memory of the city that you visit. We help you locate boutique stores that are local, emerging designers that are not yet unreachable and an experience that is truly unique. The best part is we curate selections that are value for money. If you are paying a high price tag, it is because the material, design or making demands it, not because marketing spend leads to high overheads.

On the other hand, AISPI is a place for emerging designers, boutiques and artists to showcase their creativity. A place where videographers can really tell a story in their own style, boutiques can fearlessly contact micro influencers and reach their market and designers can approach multi-brand stores to stock their designs. It is a collaboration of creatives!

This journey, which started off as a leap of faith and a way for me to be part of an industry I always loved, has now turned into a medium of inspiration and impact. I strongly invite each one of you to join me on this journey – just shoot me an email ([email protected]) and lets make an impact together!

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